What do I need to do?

Upload the manuscript (author final version) of your article which has been accepted for publication.
Accepted manuscripts can be uploaded prior to signing and agreement to publish.
Contact us should you have any queries about which version of the article you are allowed to upload.

Who should upload articles?

All UWC authors who have submitted articles for publication.

Manuscripts and articles may also be uploaded by designated third party within your department, faculty or institute.


Which manuscripts to upload?

Pre-print, post-print and publisher pdf's can be uploaded.

Books, book chapters, conference papers, posters can be uploaded.


When should you upload your manuscript?

As soon as your peer-reviewed manuscript has been accepted and prior to signing the publishing contract.


File formats we accept

We prefer Word and PDF files.


Article Workflow

  1. Article submission
  2. Review by Repository Manager
  3. Permitted version loaded onto Research Repository